Sunday, December 6, 2015

Obey Me

He doesn't often pull rank.  My partner is much more the laid back type.  He encourages my ambitions, stands in the shadows in silent support of my successes, or holds me in a hug that's as warm and soft as a down blanket.  He accepts my quirks--even loves them if you can believe that--and knows how to let me soar with excitement when appropriate or when to replant my feet on the ground. 
All that to say that he is still very much Top.  He is the head of our house and when he draws a line in the sand, he sticks to it. 
        I'd crossed that invisible but well known line today.  I knew it.  He knew it.  But while I craved the safety of his authority, I still bucked at it at times.  Today, when he told me to bring him the ruler (which is actually a 16 inch one that he uses in construction...and which hurts!), I baulked.  He let me desperately argue, plead, and rant; and then, when I had exhausted my excuses, his voice broke through to the deeper part of me.
"Connor, obey me," he said softly.
         Three firmly but tenderly spoken words, and they effectively brought me back to that realization of how our relationship works and that no matter what, I can and do trust him with all my heart. 
I got the ruler.

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