Sunday, December 6, 2015

Just Stay

His sounds are quiet as we make love: soft moans, growls in my ear, the resonance of his mouth as he kisses, licks, and lightly sucks on my skin, leaving marks that may or may not be there come morning.
He’s creative in his movement.  One hand lifts one of my knees, raising my leg as slow, deep, and constant friction is felt deep within me.  Then, abruptly, a hard and even deeper thrust pushes in, making me squeak with surprised pleasure and initiating the change from slow and deep to fast and breathtaking. 
I turn slightly, helping his body and mine find those wonderful, special spots that feel oh-so-good as quiet moans and yeses escape my mouth.
His arms wrap around me, making sure we are never separated as he shifts us to our sides.  His warm, perspiration-damp chest presses into my naked back.  I slip a leg back over his, giving him ease of access and melding as much of myself into him as I can.
I love this position.  Our bodies are one.  His thrusts are angled just right.  A strong arm is around me, keeping me secure and holding me so I know that he is in control—which is just how I like it. 
OH, how I like it!
The core of me starts tingling more than it had been, the sensation spreading down my limbs and into my fingers and toes.  I’m so close…
Another few seconds and that beautiful, incredible, agonizing explosion of pleasure has me moaning out louder than I mean to.  My body tightens and squeezes around him, making him gasp as he continues to thrust, the motion quickly getting harder and faster as he peaks and releases deep inside me with a half grunt/half groan.  That amazing sound makes me want to start all over just to hear it again.
I can feel the deep breaths he’s taking as his body blisses out.  My own breaths are nearly in sync with his.  He moves a little and I know he’s about to pull out, but I’m not ready yet.  I press back into him, making sure I can still feel him filling me.
“Stay.  Just stay,” I plead in a breathless whisper.
In answer he drapes his leg across me, bringing us tighter together.  “I’m not going anywhere,” he promises.

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