Wednesday, December 9, 2015

An Introduction to Bryce and Roddy

At first glance, few people would have put Bryce and Roddy together as a couple.  They seemed opposite in a lot of ways, from physical appearance to jobs to personalities.  While both stood at about the same height—6’ for Bryce and 6’2” for Roddy—everything else was different. 
Bryce was fair-haired with green eyes, and at 160 pounds was a lean but firm build.  Roddy had the physique of a football player and was 200 pounds of firm muscle.  His dark hair and eyes topped off broad shoulders, six pack abs, and strong limbs. 
Bryce held an office job as the manager of a local trucking company.  Roddy spent his days at the gym as an in-demand personal trainer.
Bryce liked to read and Roddy loved television.
Bryce kept things ordered.  Roddy tended to leave a mess.
Bryce was polite, respectable, and well-liked although didn’t care for crowds.  Roddy was the social bunny and life of the party.
Bryce was a cat person, while Roddy was more a dog-person; although he tended to fall in love with anything furry.  Between them they have one cat and one dog.  Bryce says that is enough.  Roddy continually tries to change his mind.
But the biggest opposite—and a big part of what made them work so well as a couple—was that Bryce was Top and Roddy was Brat.

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