Sunday, December 6, 2015

In the Spirit of the Season

“Look at the decorations!”
“Look at the crowds.”
“Look at the sales!”
“Look at the lines.”
“Listen to the music!”
“Listen to the tantrums.”
“Look, it’s Santa!”
“Look, he’s a fake.”
Connor finally turned and glared at Mark, ready to yell at him for complaining but seeing the smile the taller man was trying to hold back.
“You old Grinch!” he said, smacking Mark’s arm. 
Mark laughed and dropped the smacked arm across Connor’s shoulders.  “I actually think the mall looks pretty neat too, despite the crowds, lines, tantrums, and fake Santa.”
Connor elbowed him with a grin.  “Too bad there isn’t any mistletoe in sight.  You could use a good Christmas kiss, ya grump!  Get in the spirit of the season already!”
Mark’s eyes lit with a fire that was typically only seen in their bedroom, and Connor found himself being pulled into the nearest clothing store and the first open dressing room.  The door was no sooner shut before Connor was pinned to the wall, Mark’s lips on his and the feel of Mark’s knee between his legs, gently digging.  He was completely breathless when the hot and drawn out kiss ended.  Mark dropped his forehead to Connor’s.
“I’m in the spirit now,” he whispered with a smirk.
Connor took several deep breaths and then grabbed Mark’s hand, pulled him from the dressing room, and started marching both of them toward the outer doors they’d only recently entered the mall through.
“Connor?” Mark questioned, a bit surprised at his husband’s abrupt move.
“I’m in the spirit now too, but for something else entirely!”
Mark laughed but was more than willing to follow his partner.  At the car, Connor did some of his own pinning as he pressed Mark against the door and kissed him as thoroughly as Mark had done to him a few minutes earlier. 
“Take me home, Grinch.  I’ve got a present for you.”
Mark’s hands gripped Connor’s waist possessively.  “Is it something I want?”
Connor winked at him.  “Oh yeah.”

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